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Mediaval Party

Hey Soilders,

Have ya Seen the Party its so Gooned out!(lol)

There is also New Green Items! YAY! if ya have Green items and not in the Uniform Section, You can wear ALL GREEN.

There is also Some Quests( Again) But theres A Quest NO.2! There is a same Free Non-member items again. Lame-O. Atleast Cahnge The Colour

Dont you think they should change it? COMMENT ON IT!

~RSX Leaders


Its Upgraded..

Hey Soilders, We’ve been waiting a while for Epic Grapgics to be done with our Header. Since it took alot of time, I thought about Ordering from a less Viewed Header shop. It Took about a day for them to finish it. The first one was a but bigger than i thought, So Rob lu found the proper size, so then i took it off the site then i added it to our site banner.  Our army soilder will like this really much,specially Me,Rob lu, and Out ko. Thanks!

~Rob lu, Out ko,Malkin73     -if ya wanna know the site name, then COMMENT

We are upgrading our banners headers AND BACKGROUND!

Epic graphics ltd are preparing our header,banners, and chat boxes!They have the best of them there

We also Try to do…..

Hey Soilders, The RSX Army supplies everyting in your Certian need,Our Army will also try hard to find you or cheats site at

Its Rob lu’s cheats and lostboys (not a soldier)

Join the Forces today……

Hey penguins leaders rob lu,out ko, and Malkin73 here. We are starting the cp rsx army. the worlds Newest. cp army.We train hard, and youll get ranks up for completing a certain mission.We have been all trained, but our misson is to train YOU.